Audience Reviews

Here’s what audiences are saying about Jesus:

“…one of funniest Jesus plays I’ve been to in quite a while. I laughed until I cried—the latter, at just the perfect time. A good thing.  Eileen Tull puts all the right moves into her performance of what happens if you really do love Jesus but have to deal with your own bad conscience, imperfect religion and the problems of stagecraft.”

“It succeeded in connecting comedy with religion.

“This show is a lot of fun. A quirky look into a woman’s relationship with Jesus. The performance is really nuanced and Eileen is able to achieve an awkward atmosphere where you really feel unsure on whether she really knows what she’s doing or not. There’s some fine subtle acting and a poignant and thoughtful ending. There’s some fantastic comedic moments here.

Superb acting and emotion! A nice, original piece.”

“Hilarious and funny, but also thoughtful and spiritually provocative. Everyone can relate to this play.”

“What a treat!  Funny, authentic, contagiously wonderfully awkward, and infinitely relateable no matter what your faith/non-faith.  Eileen’s work, with the benefit of a smart, wit-filled comic script, weaves comic timing and vulnerability seamlessly.  I thought that with ‘Jesus’ in the title this was either going to be religious hysteria or anti-god bile…it was neither.  Rather, it was finely tuned, full of comic gems, and meaningful for everyone in the room.

“Lovely to see a mix of religion and comedy!”

“Excellent, awesome, and hilarious! Like Gilda Radner trapped in a Beckett play.”

“This piece is a joy, and I’d venture to say that it’s unlike anything else you’ll see at [a] Fringe. Eileen is an engaging, funny, and totally charming performer. The writing is hilarious, with undercurrents of pathos.”

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…you’ll spontaneously combust!


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