When you’ve taken Jesus as your boyfriend, you might need more than a miracle to get life figured out. A well-intentioned, but frazzled young woman organizes the Second Coming of Christ after receiving a divine message from an unlikely source. Like Gilda Radner in a Beckett play, this explosive one-woman piece tangos with (un)wavering faith, love by vending machine light, the path to self-discovery, and a mystical blessed vegetable. Answers to all existential crises guaranteed. 

Jesus Do You Like Me? Please Mark Yes or No. is a solo play created by Eileen Tull in 2012. Jesus was first performed i/a/w the San Francisco Fringe Festival and then at the San Francisco Theater Festival. A one night only remount was performed in May 2013 in Cincinnati, OH. Jesus was selected for the 2013 United Solo Festival in New York City and performed in November 2013.



EILEEN TULL is a solo performance artist, comedian, and theatre creator. A native of Cincinnati, Eileen has resided in Chicago and the Bay Area. She has worked with many great theate companies like 20% Theatre, Prologue Theatre Company, Theatre Seven of Chicago, The Cutting Ball Theater, Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco Theater Pub, and Boxcar Theatre. She also stage managed The Odyssey on Angel Island with We Players, a sprawling site specific adaptation of Homer’s epic in one of America’s most beautiful state parks. Eileen’s work has been seen in Chicago, San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Tampa, and New York City. You can keep up with Eileen’s ramblings on Twitter. She is currently based in Chicago.


This play was created specifically for Eileen to perform. Currently, offers for outside entities to perform or produce this play without Eileen’s involvement are not being considered. However, if you are interested in producing or performing Jesus, you can contact Eileen at eileentull@gmail.com.


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